Interested in being a research subject?

If you would be interested in participating in clinical research trials for medical products undergoing FDA trials, you may send an email to the clinical research coordinator at or call and leave a voicemail message at 415-982-6869.

Clinical Research Studies

Dr. Glogau, one of the original investigators in the FDA trials for Zyderm® collagen injections, has been principal or co-investigator in dozens of clinical trials of new cosmetic medical devices and drugs in aesthetic dermatology. Here are a selected list of recent trials:

FDA clinical trial of a new injectable botulinum toxin for the treatment of glabellar frown lines. This is a phase III trial of an injectable toxin which has shown possible prolonged action in published phase II trials conducted in Canada. The new toxin has an added peptide that appears to prolong its clinical action. The current double-blind study is taking place in 20 sites nationally. This study is currently active as of 2017.

A phase III clinical trial of a topical anti-perspirant in patients with excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis). This study is looking at a novel topical agent for controlling excessive sweating in patients afflicted with abnormal underarm sweating. This study is currently active as of 2017.

Non-surgical treatment of the double-chin using an injectable agent to dissolve the fat underneath the chin developed by Kythera, Santa Barbara, CA. This clinical trial has been completed and submitted to FDA. Kythera recently received FDA-approval for the product Kybella in May 2015.

Treatment of lateral canthal lines (crow’s feet) with a topical botulinum toxin (Revance) – This proprietary combination of a novel peptide and botulinum toxin was developed by Revance Therapeutics, Inc. Dr. Glogau completed and published the first proof of principle trial in humans in axillary sweating and was a principal investigator in the phase II trials of topical botulinum toxin for treatment of lines at the corners of the eyes, so-called crows’ feet lines. We will start phase III trials etc to We have completed phase III trial in 2014.

Treatment of sparse eyebrows with a topical agent to promote hair growth (Allergan) – This is a pivotal trial to establish efficacy and safety of a proprietary topical agent which has previously been approved for eyelash growth. This trial was completed in early 2014 and is currently being prescribed for use in eyebrows.

Controlled trial of a hyaluronic acid gel in the augmentation of lips (Medicis) – This trial was a registration trial to obtain FDA approval for a new indication for Restylane®. It was the first agent ever approved by the FDA for lip enhancement. Dr. Glogau was the lead author on the published paper from this trial. The product is now FDA approved and has been launched under the name Restylane-Silk®. It is currently being used by our office for lips and wrinkles around the mouth.

Controlled, double-blinded study of high intensity focused ultrasound in the treatment of lipodysmorphia (Liposonix) – Dr. Glogau worked as a consultant for the company that developed this method of using ultrasound as a non-surgical method of performing liposuction. He participated in the FDA registration clinical trial of the Liposonix device which has received FDA approval.

The successful treatment of Schamberg disease with the 595 nm vascular laser (Candela) – Using the new V-Beam Perfecta® laser to treat these discolorations of the lower legs that trouble patients with chronic vein disease – believed to be the first publication on the use of this pulsed-dye laser for this cosmetic problem in the medical literature – co-authored with Drs. Rene D’Ambrosia and Vidya Rajpara, UCSF Cosmetic Dermatology fellows in 2009 and 2010 academic years

12-month controlled study in the United States of the safety and efficacy of a permanent 2.5% polyacrylamide hydrogel soft-tissue filler (Contura) – Dr. Glogau was a co-investigator of the FDA registration trial for this unique European filler material, awaiting FDA approval.

The efficacy and safety of a new U.S. botulinum toxin type A (Dysport®) – in the retreatment of glabellar lines following open-label treatment. – Dr. Glogau participated as an investigator in the FDA trial for this well-known alternative to Botox®, now approved for the US market.

Use of a single-sided MRI mouse to examine photoaged skin and follow-up of dermal fillers. Dr. Glogau has collaborated with Dr. Alex Pine and Dr. Vikram Bajaj of the Chemistry Department at University of California Berkeley and Dr. Bernhard Blamich of Germany in the novel application of MRI to the examination of skin. Preliminary research protocols were conducted by Dr. Glogau in a proof of concept trial.


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