Botox for Wrinkles

What causes these wrinkles?

The vertical lines between the eyebrows are the direct result of repeated muscular action of the corrugator and procerus muscles of facial expression. Years of squinting and frowning leave deep wrinkles in the skin between the eyebrows. After many years of frowning combined with the weathering action of the sun, the skin is left with deepvertical lines which are there even when the face is at rest. You look like you’re mad even when you’re not! There has never been an easy solution to this problem … until now! Once Botox® Purified Neurotoxin Complex* has immobilized the muscles for several weeks, virtually all of the noticeable lines between the eyebrows will disappear.

Now a solution is available that treats the underlying cause of these unwanted lines: the muscles that hold and fold the skin, even when the face is at rest! A simple office procedure that takes only minutes, with no “down time” or prolonged recovery time, is now here … Botox®.

What are the alternative treatments?

Conventional surgery involves a large incision, raising the hairline and cutting the muscles. Newer endoscopic surgical techniques avoid the large incisions, but still involve prolonged healing and the expense of major surgery. Collagen injections can fill some of the wrinkle, but as long as the underlying muscles continue to move, the fold will quickly reappear.

What are the risks and complications?

The most common problem with injecting Botox® is that the muscle is actually missed, resulting in no change and a need to retreat. If you don’t see a difference in your ability to knit your brows together after one week, please call and schedulea follow-up treatment. Rarely (less than 1 in 500 cases), some of the Botox® may temporarily weaken some muscle fibers that help raise the upper eyelid. Eyedrops can be used to reverse the effect which will spontaneously resolve in a few weeks. Prior skin testing with Botox® is not needed, as allergy to the medication has not been reported. Rarely a headache lasting a couple of days has been reported.

What can one expect immediately?

Minimal bruising may occur at the injection sites. Usually there is virtually no sign of treatment within an hour or so of the injections. Makeup may be used directly after treatment, but care should be taken not to press or massage the area for several hours after injection. Heavy physical exercise should be avoided for several hours.

When will Botox® take effect?

You will not see the effect for a few days. Generally it takes about 1 week for the full effect. There is no change in sensation in the skin, only the ability to wrinkle the brows.

How long does Botox® last?

The range that we have observed is 3 to 8 months. After the muscles have been inactive for several weeks, they actually atrophy or shrink. By keeping the muscle inactive for several months you lose the habit of frowning, preventing lines from coming back. However, should one wish to regain the ability to knit the brows, one only has to wait until the effect of the Botox® has worn off and all voluntary muscle action will return.

How can it work for you?

A very small needle is used to inject Botox® Purified and the discomfort is minimal as only a few drops are needed. Botox® can immobilize the underlying muscles so the skin is not being tethered down by the muscles underneath. Once the muscles “let go” of the skin, the wrinkles and folds will smooth out on their own.

Other muscles, such as those needed to raise the eyebrows up are not affected so natural expression is maintained. The muscles that knit the brows together are prevented from moving so there is no way you can make that frowning face!

Botox® is a genetically engineered product which can be used to treat the vertical lines between the eyebrows, the squint lines or “crows feet” lines at the corners of the eyes, the forehead horizontal lines and the platysmal muscle bands on the neck (“turkey” neck or “string” neck). Botox® cannot be used on the smile lines or folds around the mouth – you need all the muscle action you have around the mouth!

Botox® for Wrinkles

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Any and all references hereinafter to ‘Botox®‘ refer to ‘Botox Purified Neurotoxin Complex, which is a registered trademark of Allergan.